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If you are  in search of the best residential and commercial cleaning company in the Tulsa and surrounding areas and are looking for a way to contact Maid To Please Housekeeping for cleaning services, then we have a few ways that you can contact us, that are easy and convenient. One of the easiest ways to contact us is by phone. This is a sure way to get ahold of a Maid To Please employee who can help you with all your questions and cleaning concerns. When you call us at 918-701-0213 you are guaranteed to get a free estimate of your cleaning requests as well as all of your questions answered before your first appointment. When calling us you will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional phone representatives who have all the information you desire for your very first cleaning experience with Tulsa maid services. If for some reason we do not answer the phone, then leaving a voicemail is always appreciated. This allows us to listen to your message and write down any notes that you would like to share with us, so that when we give you a call back we will know exactly what to discuss during the phone call. Things to note in your message are your name, phone number and a brief description of what you would like to share with us. Any type of information helps us better understand your situation and allows us to be more prepared when we are able to return your phone call.

Finding us on our website is another great way to get in contact with us that is user friendly and gives you time to contact us before we reach out to you. What you need to do is go to and select the book now button. Once you select this button on our website it will take you to a short form that will allow you to fill in the blanks with your information. You will be asked to fill out your first and last name, your phone number, email and then a note section to list anything you would like us to know about your cleaning needs and home. This is a great place to let us know what concerns you have as well as any difficulties you have in cleaning your home. If you have any type of physical handicap or disability, then this is a great place to note that type of information as well. If you are a busy parent or traveler that isn’t home enough to take the time and clean each week then you can put that information in the notes. We have a lot of homeowners who have dogs that shed a lot! Knowing that you have pets or young, and possibly messy kiddos in the home gives us a great way to know what to expect before we arrive. The notes section is also a wonderful place to let us know what the square footage of your home is as well as how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in the home. This lets us know how long we will need to be in the home and gives us a good idea about the amount of cleaning specialists we need to send to do your first cleaning.

If making phone calls is not something, you enjoy then sending us a text message is another great way to get in contact with us! We understand that many people these days are busy and want to get information quickly and efficiently. we have a lot of clients who enjoy contacting us through text messaging more than anything else. This is a great place for us to communicate after you become a client as well. As many of our clients are busy working and living their lives and feel that it is unnecessary to make phone calls when texting is efficient enough for the time being. If you are calling for the first time the best way to help us with your information is to state your name phone number email address and a brief description of what you’re needing for your first time cleaning. We are always so excited to meet new clients and help them with their cleaning needs. Texting is just one of those ways that allows us to have an other line of communication with our clients and new clients during the busy work day!

Although email is not the first choice for most of our clients there are a small handful of people who do still enjoy sending emails! This is another form of communication with us that we check regularly. You can contact us at at any point night or day! If we do not contact you because you have emailed outside of business hours we will contact you very soon during our working hours! If you email us at this email address it is simply the same way to contact us if you went to our website at, but you would be skipping the book now button Option that allows you to fill out a form with your information. Emailing us your information such as first and last name, your phone number, email address that is when you use regularly as well as sending us any notes you need to add to give us more information on your cleaning needs. No matter which option you choose to contact us we will always need this information. So again if you are needing cleaning services because you are a busy working individual parent or guardian, pet owner or physically incapable of cleaning your home we would love to know what your specific requests are In order to provide the best services possible!

Please call us or text us at 918-701-0213 to speak with a friendly and professional representative today. Feel free to email us at if you are interested in services outside of business hours or don’t have time for a phone call at the moment. We will reach out! Check out our website at to see what services we offer, read our amazing client reviews and select our book now button to let us know what you’re needing for your cleaning needs!