Commercial Cleaning

No Office too Big or too Small

For your commercial space we offer the following services daily, weekly, and monthly:

  • Trash removal
  • Dusting
  • Sanitizing
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Kitchen and breakroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Glass Cleaning


Here at Maid to Please commercial cleaning we are proud to offer a wide variety of cleaning services for your commercial building or office space. One of the main issues that businesses and commercial buildings have is high traffic areas for flooring. We want to remove the stress of having dirty floors in your facilities. We offer to vacuum carpeted areas, as well as sweep and mop hard-flooring. Having your floors cleaned professionally daily or weekly will make a drastic difference in the appearance of your business. Another service we offer that makes a surprising difference in the appearance of your business is dusting! We will upkeep all your dusting needs so that you can focus on the success of your business. Our cleaning specialists will dust from high to low, making sure to get everything in between. We will tailor each business’s needs accordingly. Bathrooms are a must! If you are not currently having your bathrooms cleaned regularly, it’s time to start! We will sanitize and clean your bathrooms to be clean and ready for use each day or however often you need. We also offer kitchen cleaning if your office has a kitchen or kitchenette. We will tailor this request to your needs as well. We clean windows to help your business look bright and welcoming to all who enter your doors. There are so many other options we offer; please, ask us! Maid To Please is happy to be working alongside your business to keep it clean and looking its best for your customers and employees.



Why you should choose Maid to Please


Having a clean environment for you, your employees, and your customers is crucial. You need a company that continues to deliver excellence time and time again. That is why you need Maid to Please for any Tulsa commercial cleaning. Some of the reasons our clients love our commercial cleaning services are:

  • We provide all the needed supplies saving you cost and time.
  • We assume the liability as we are fully insured
  • We are on time, everytime
  • We promise that if you are unhappy for any reason we will re clean your office free of charge

Customers LOVE working with our kind caring team. But don’t take our word for it, check out what real clients have to say.


Maid to Please did a fantastic job cleaning a rental property for us. Their “move in” ready deep clean went above and beyond our expectations. If you need your rentals prepared for the next tenant,  do not hesitate to hire this company. We will definitely use them again in the future.” – Michelle Higin


“You will not be disappointed going with Maid to Please! Their prices are affordable and their attention to detail is amazing. To anyone living in the Tulsa area looking for a dependable and affordable cleaning service.. look no further.” – Robin Palesano


“If you are looking for a reliable and responsible team, look no further. They are, by far, the most thorough and detailed cleaner that I’ve ever used. It is obvious they take extreme pride in their service and it shows in their work..Highly recommended!!!” – Larry Langford


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Each of our specially trained cleaners has the best interest of your business in mind. We are proud to keep your facility, whether an office building or otherwise, at the highest quality of cleanliness and the highest quality standards. Each business we service will receive the absolute best care during each cleaning service. We highly value honesty and integrity in our industry and strive to have happy and satisfied client relationships. Open communication is essential to us, so we make great efforts to ensure the communication line is open and available for questions or comments. Our passion is for you to receive the quality of service that your business needs to operate at its best. Our knowledgeable and specially trained cleaning specialists are ready to clean your commercial enterprise to the highest standards the cleaning industry has to offer!


Month to Month Membership


One question facilities ask us is if they have to sign a contract. The answer is no! Some other companies want to lock you in, but we don’t. We want you to feel comfortable making the changes necessary to fit your specific needs month to month. Our services are free to sign up and free to cancel. You are essentially just prepaying for your next clean at a discounted price!

We are happy to discuss pricing with you at your convenience. Upon contacting us, we can create a quote to determine pricing that depends on your specific commercial needs. Another way to determine a price per client will be to do a walkthrough of your facility, which will help us determine the level of maintenance that your business may need from service to service. 


How to get started


Ready to get signed up? start by contacting us at (918)701-0213, and one of our trained professionals will get you started. We will discuss your specific needs for your facility. We will also acquire other information, such as how many offices, bathrooms, and kitchens you have. We will need to know the square footage and other questions that help determine how long it will take to clean your facility each time we visit. After this information is received, we will plan a date and time to visit the facility to get a better idea of what to expect when we arrive for the first time. After this initial visit, our office manager will determine the best quote for you. 


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