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Maid to Please is Tulsa’s place to go when you need a home, house, shack, or shanty cleaned to perfection. The reason why Maid to Please was originally founded long ago, was that the founder saw a need that Tulsa had to combine the seemingly lost value of customer service with superior cleaning ability. When you want the best maid services Tulsa has, and you want to know that you can trust that the job got done and to perfection, you call Maid to Please Tulsa.

Maid to Please Tulsa is more than just the top maid services Tulsa has, it is a family owned and run business that offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. The phrase “So clean you can eat off your floor” might have been coined after someone saw the incredible job the professional cleaning team provided. DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend eating off the floor no matter how clean and sparkly it may look.


Meet the Owners

Sabel Sisney

Sabel Sisney is the wife of Derrick Sisney and the mom of two beautiful little girls. She adores her family and loves her time with them more than anything else in the world. Her husband, Derrick, is an Air Force Veteran, and during his duties in the military, they were stationed on the island Guam until returning home to their roots in Oklahoma.

Sabel has always had a passion for organizing and cleaning homes, no matter where she lived. Her passion has continued to develop during each new phase of her life. Being raised by a mother who is an excellent cleaner herself, Sabel learned how to clean not only for practicality but also with passion. Sabel’s father also taught her the value of hard work, determination, and never do anything halfway. She attributes these family qualities for her love of cleaning and hard work. That is why she decided to start Maid to please for Tulsa maid services. Her family’s simple and straightforward quote while growing up was “presentation, presentation, presentation.” That means that no matter what you are doing, do it to the best of your ability, and that includes the final product. If she’s not happy with an end result, then she won’t expect her clients to be either!

When cleaning your home, Sabel’s goal is to keep things as simple as possible while achieving pristine results for you! Your confidence and trust in Maid To Please and our Tulsa maid services is something she strives for at every cleaning.

Organization and cleanliness save time, and Sabel loves to live with this mindset while in her home and in her clients’ homes. She desires to clean so that your home is bright, airy, and has a sense of tranquillity. When your house is tidy and decluttered, life is truly so much easier and saves you time!

We’ve all had the experience of an unexpected guest showing up out of the blue, and Sabel can relate to this experience on a few occasions! It’s a stressful situation you don’t ever want to be in. But, when it happens, she wants to be there for you! Maid To Please will keep your home maintained and prepared for any unexpected visitors with our Tulsa maid services.

Sabel’s passion is to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Housekeeping services is one way she can give back while doing what she loves for clients of all lifestyles. She also loves helping those who physically may not have the ability to do deep cleaning for themselves. She has helped many expectant mothers deep clean their homes before their baby arrives, allowing families to enjoy precious time together in a clean home. Not to mention, it takes such a load off of the new parents, who are very busy once their sweet bundle of joy arrives! She also enjoys cleaning for disabled and aging clients because she knows she is doing what they physically cannot do. It gives her a sense of happiness and joy, knowing that she helps alleviate that extra thing that weighs on her clients’ hearts who can’t always get the job done the way they want it done.

Whether it’s a busy life, a new baby, a recent surgery, or aging that’s keeping you from your household duties, Sabel can help with many different needs to get your home transformed and sparkling clean!

Desiree Roberts

Desiree has been in the Tulsa maid services for over ten years and knows what a good house cleaning can do for anyone who is in need of some extra hands to help around the house. Cleaning is TOUGH and not everyone loves to take part but that is exactly why Desiree wants to help your home and your family. Her hands were made to serve by helping in the home and she knows that it can be a blessing to so many people who are desperate for help.Her passion for cleaning has never changed over the last ten years and that is exactly why she continues to clean even today.

She thoroughly enjoys cleaning for every client, and she especially loves to see the look of excitement that overcomes their faces when they see their sparkling home. Desiree is hardworking, loyal, and committed to doing a stellar job every time. She attributes these qualities to her amazing parents, who raised her in a conservative, Christian home and with strong biblical values.

She is humbled by the amount of incredible opportunities to clean not only residentially but also commercially. Because of these many opportunities, Desiree can confidently help with many housekeeping emergencies or areas that need special attention. Those tough to reach areas and “hard to get out” stains don’t stand a chance! Desiree is overjoyed and feels incredibly blessed that she gets to own a business with her twin sister Sabel.

Sabel and Desiree have been cleaning together for years, since they were children in fact, and continue to get better and better at their trade as the years go on. Desiree is also passionate about helping people from all walks of life. She has primarily found joy in helping overworked parents and busy moms with children who cannot seem to get everything finished during the day. While watching family members try to juggle their children’s school schedules, their after school activities, and making family meals, Desiree saw the obvious need for Tulsa maid services in so many homes!

She enjoys relieving the daily pressures off others by going into their homes and assisting in cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and doing the weekly laundry that always seems to pile up as soon as it’s finished! Helping all sorts of families and businesses are on the top of her list, as she absolutely loves to meet new people and help assist them in the cleanliness of their homes.

She loves to look into a home and figure out what the best organizational layout needs to happen and what needs to be cleaned right away to make the biggest impression on the family and their daily lives. If you aren’t taking a breath of fresh air when you walk in your home, then it wasn’t cleaned properly! With her many years of working in hospitals across the Midwest, Desiree also is also trained in disinfecting and sanitizing in the home. There is a right way to do it and wrong way to do Tulsa maid services, she knows what needs to be done and you can trust that she will have your home as germ free as possible leaving you with a sense of peace as your family lives day to day.

Her main focus is you and your family. When there is extra time for you to accomplish what you need to get completed and spending those extra precious hours with your family in the evenings, due to an already clean house, then her job is done. She knows that when your heart is full, then her heart is full.



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