About Us


Maid to Please is Tulsa’s place to go when you need a home, house, shack, or shanty cleaned to perfection. The reason why Maid to Please was originally founded long ago, was that the founder saw a need that Tulsa had to combine the seemingly lost value of customer service with superior cleaning ability. When you want the best maid services Tulsa has, and you want to know that you can trust that the job got done and to perfection, you call Maid to Please Tulsa.

Maid to Please Tulsa is more than just the top maid┬áservices Tulsa has, it is a family owned and run business that offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. The phrase “So clean you can eat off your floor” might have been coined after someone saw the incredible job the professional cleaning team provided. DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend eating off the floor no matter how clean and sparkly it may look.