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Exceptional customer care and overall service! They clean with excellence and take care of the laundry too!!!!
Sharita Bent


This has been such a great experience for our family. We were so overwhelmed with how dirty our home was. Now that we use Maid to Please we don’t have to worry about all that stress. They have great maids that are extremely nice and thorough when they clean! I will never use a different cleaning service ever again.
Aleks Parker


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We are “Maid To Please of Tulsa” and we pride ourselves on our stunning ability to be thoroughly detailed in your home as well as providing our clients with the very best Maid To Please housekeeping cleaning technicians in the Tulsa area. We have a strenuous hiring process that assures our clients that we value who is entering your home, so that you can rest assured, your home is safe within our care. With all of our 5 Star reviews, our reputation is a large part of how we always deliver and go above and beyond with every cleaning service that we offer to the client! Our number one main goal and top priority of creating Maid To Please Of Tulsa was to bring a sense of relief and a sense of control back into your life. Many clients are nervous to hire a cleaning company because of many factors going on in their own lives but we want you to rest assured that our team will show you in every way possible that you’ve made the right decision by choosing Maid to Please of Tulsa. Every time we have left a home, our Maid To Please employees are given accolades for the services we have provided to the client.

We are a top-of-the-line cleaning company that will deliver the very best cleaning service to you and your family in the Tulsa and the surrounding Tulsa areas. We provide a number of amazing services that simply come within the first deep cleaning package that you sign up for that other companies charge extra for. We provide free services such as washing windows and baseboards at your deep cleaning as well as every maintenance clean after that. Maid To Please of Tulsa also provides time saving add on services as well. Some of those services include washing, drying and folding your laundry or maybe you are interested in one of our incredible organizational projects. We can help organize your life right back into a clean and happy place! Our clients never regret using our organizational services and we know you won’t regret it either!

Maid To Please of Tulsa is a business built with integrity, honesty, kindness, and most importantly we function with a strong conservative and Christian foundation based on our core values of following Jesus. You can rest assured that we are taking into consideration every care and worry you may have as we enter your home every time. You may be concerned that you won’t be able to stay in the home while we are there or maybe you’re worried about having your pets on the loose in your home, please don’t be! We cohabitate well with our clients and families, as well as with your animals. As long as your animals are friendly we are completely fine with letting them live freely in their own space. We started this business to bring rest and restoration back into your life, we all know what it is like to lose control of your home and we are reassuring you that it is more than okay to ask for help. We guarantee that you will not regret setting up an appointment to speak with a representative to get on our schedule today! Maid To Please of Tulsa is open for cleaning services Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm on the daily. If you would like to call and set up an appointment you are welcome to call at anytime as someone will be waiting to assist you with all of your questions! Now that you have found yourself feeling at ease to hire Maid To Please of Tulsa’s cleaning services we recommend calling us today for your free quote and to take advantage of our amazing 50% off First Time Deep Clean! That is a deal that you do not want to miss out on! To access our amazing services please follow the next few steps.

If you would like to call and speak with one of our outstanding Maid To Please of Tulsa Representatives then please call our free service at 918-701-0213 to speak with someone today. If you would like to check out our amazing website then please jump on over to Maidtopleasetulsa.com. Please select “Get a free quote today!” And once the button turns purple then you are in business! Make sure to fill out our “Request a free quote” page by adding your Name, phone number, email address, and a brief description of your home and the services you are looking for or are simply interested in. If you would like to email us directly then please feel free to email us at info@maidtoplease.com. Someone with Maid To Please of Tulsa will be with you in mere moments to answer all of your Maid To Please Housekeeping questions! Please call, email, or visit our website to fill out our “Get a free quote” box to get more information on how to get scheduled with Maid to Please of Tulsa Housekeeping today! We are ready to get your home in tip top shape and give you back your time with your family. We here at Maid To Please of Tulsa know exactly how it feels to come home from a hard day at work and walk into a mess that instantly makes you feel ashamed and guilty. Maid to Please of Tulsa would like to give you the gift of regaining your power in the home and your peace of mind. Please call Maid to Please Tulsa Maid Services today by dialing 918-701-0213 to speak with a representative today! Don’t forget about our user friendly website and email as well. Our website is Maidtopleasetulsa.com and our email is info@maidtopleasetulsa.com. This is an opportunity knocking at your door, take it while you can with our incredible 50% off deal for your first time Deep cleaning! Please go and read our awesome 5 Star Reviews by checking out our Google page to find peace of mind in our services and our trustworthy employees. Maid To Please Tulsa Maid Services is ready to work with you and your family today!!!