Cleaning Services Tulsa : Regular Services

This Content Is Written For Maid To Please.

Spring is finally here. You have been cooped up in the house all winter, it’s apparent. Some spring cleaning is in order. Really? How do you find the time after seeing to everyone’s needs? Maybe you can spring clean, but what do you have to cut out to get it done? If only you had a maid. You can with cleaning services Tulsa. Maid to Please starts out your cleaning with a Spring deep cleaning if you so desire. You pick which rooms you want this service in. After the spring cleaning they follow up with their guaranteed Maintenance System. This keeps you home maintained with regular cleanings. At this time you can also add areas you specifically want detailed. This is what distinguishes their services from others. Get in touch with Maid To Please at 918-701-0213.

Cleaning services Tulsa are there for you. They make your life simpler so you can enjoy the important and not miss out on the fun things in life. Each time they come you can expect quality service. The bathrooms will get a thorough cleaning. Nothing left untouched, and yes even your shower door is cleaned. Your kitchen floors will get mopped, your appliances cleaned and even your rangehood. Who even even remembers to clean that? Maid to Please does!

Cleaning services Tulsa will clean the obvious in every room plus lampshades, dusting of mini blinds, and yikes even your stairs are vacuumed every time. Everyone hates that job. In addition to all these services mention there are a plethora of other regular service I did not go into. Now, for the best part, on a rotating basis they also clean the worst spots in every home. Shower tiles, doors and frames, baseboards the fronts of cabinets are all rotated in the bathroom. The kitchen receives areas of contraction on a rotating basis also. Cabinet fronts, extra attention to the floors, kitchen furniture wiped down, baseboards , doors and door frames and shine your appliances. Talk about sparkling! They also rotate the cleaning of upholstery, vacuuming under furniture ( now you don’t have to move it) and carpet edges.

Let Maid to Please do the dirty work so you don’t have to. Can you imagine having this wonderful experience weekly or biweekly? They are a very affordable service. Check them out and get a free quote online at Read the review and raves people have written in! You want to get in on this and free up your time.

Maid to Please was founded for you, the homeowner. Are you just moving into a new place? Have them clean it before you set one foot or item in the house. Such a nice feeling that brings. A new house that you don’t have to clean. Are you moving out of a house and don’t have time to clean it for the new owners? Call Maid to Please and they will get the job done for you as a one time cleaning. Maybe you have an event to host and lots of people will be coming over. Get it some with Maid to Please. Call them at 918-701-0213 today.