Does your home or business need top of the line cleaning services in Tulsa? Look no further than Maid to Please – servicing Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We provide a range of amazing services as well as a first deep clean for free that most companies would charge you an arm and a leg for. We also provide free window washing and baseboard cleaning not just for your first free deep clean but for all cleaning that comes after the initial. Whether it’s cleaning those nasty dishes or washing and folding the laundry you keep putting off, our company would look forward to helping your family.

Not many cleaning services in Tulsa provide detailed organizational projects, but at Maid to Please we do! We desire to help organize and compartmentalize your life back into the happy place where it should stay. We know you won’t regret our organizational services, our five star reviews so that none of our clients do regret it. Yes, organization does include laundry, which not many cleaning companies cater to. Not only will we organize the space you are in but, we can organize this space without you ever having to leave your home. And if they are friendly, this does include keeping your pets at home with us as well.

Our cleaning services in Tulsa are founded and based upon our Christian beliefs, including integrity, honesty, and hard work. Rest assured we are taking into consideration every want, desire, and care your family has for your home. This company was founded to bring peace back into the homes of Tulsa. No need to waste your time and effort on services that our company will be more than happy to provide for you. Stop getting stressed over an extreme load of mess from the results of your family just living in your own home. Continue to live carefree in your home and have a company there that can keep up your space to your needs.

Leave the feeling of despair of a messy home with our satisfaction guaranteed cleaning services in Tulsa. Not only will you be provided with a free quote that is catered to your family, but you will be receiving 50% off your first deep clean you schedule with us today. This is a deal of a lifetime that you will not find anywhere else. Take advantage of our memberships provided for our customers that need more than one time services. We cater to all spaces in the home from the kitchen to the bathroom to the entertaining room. Don’t miss out on scheduling an appointment with us today.

To say that Maid to Please is the top cleaning services in Tulsa for your home or office is a proud statement we can make for our satisfaction guarantee services. If you call us that 918-701-0213, we have representatives available Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm to give you your free quote as well as discuss our membership opportunities. Give our website a view at to see all of our five star ratings from previous clientele. We look forward to giving your home and family a compassionate and hard-working job well done. Don’t stress about that mess any longer!

Cleaning Services in Tulsa | The Break You Deserve

Our company, Maid to Please, is looking to provide cleaning services in Tulsa and to the surrounding areas to families and business looking to clean out your spaces! We offer a variety of services that no other company can match. Whether it be a home, office, box under a bridge, we look forward to providing one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee to your area you call home. There are no other maid services in Tulsa quite like ours and we have the accolades from our clientele to prove it. No matter what the area the mess could be in we look forward to servicing you and your family for any mess needed.

Did you know not many cleaning services in Tulsa provide laundry care? Arguably the largest area we spend the most time on, you would think more would cater to this service. That’s not necessarily the case. We not only provide washing and drying services for your laundry, but we offer folding and creating an organizational project centered around your clothing! This add-on service really sets us apart from other maid services in the local area. We will deodorize and declutter your hamper and no time. Throw out the mothballs and the dryer sheets, we provide all cleaning equipment needed for this job.

We understand cleaning services in Tulsa can prioritize living rooms, but do all truly understand the importance of entertaining? Maids to Please do! With the owners being family oriented, we understand how detrimental a clean and sanitized living space is to not only guests, but the permanent residents of the home. From family gatherings to a relaxing wind down area, the living room is essential to host all the goings ons for the family. Our services will provide a deep clean of the living room with vacuuming (sweeping and mopping for those hard woods), dusting, and upkeep on all the furniture.

On top of all the rooms serviced in the house we provide a multitude of add ons. We properly care for and maintain all the blinds/windows in the home, we can deep clean all of the kitchen appliances, and we can get rid of those pesky dishes that can’t seem to stop piling up in the sink. You don’t quite realize the dust that builds up from the home until you clean the top of a curtain rod. We can also get into hard-to-reach areas such as under the kitchen sink that nobody really likes to think of. We can do it all!

At Maid to Please we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service as well as provide eco-friendly cleaning products for the safety and integrity of the home. Our goal is to leave your home light and airy! Find out yourself by receiving your free quote when you give us a call at 918-701-0213. Check out our website,, and the other services we provide for our customers. We are not happy unless our customers are happy. Do not miss out on your 50% off first deep clean and give us a call today! You and your household will not be disappointed.