There are many cleaning services in Tulsa, but Maid to Please is a company that not only cares for your family members, clients, and company – we also care about your plants! You do not have to have a green thumb to have beautiful greenery in your home or work space. We not only can maintain your plants and their high or low upkeep, but we can come up with an organizational project to best display your jungle throughout your space. You can’t put a price on good foliage! And we can provide a free quote if you give us a call today for your plant maintenance needs.

Plants are not the first thing that cleaning services in Tulsa imagine when a client calls needing their services. Whether a one-time visit while you are out of town or a more frequently scheduled visitation, we have representatives today to help determine how often you need a maid to come and take care of your greenery. It does not matter if you have plants located in your bedroom, entertaining areas, kitchen, or powder room, Maid to Please is waiting to help you with all your plant maintenance. Leave the mess and the stress to our services! Your ficus is begging for it.

Here at Maid to Please, our professional cleaning services in Tulsa proudly report that All of our cleaning materials are 100% eco friendly and made in-house to ensure that no foreign products will be added. This is an added benefit for all the plants living in your space. You do not have to worry about any harsh chemicals or harmful odors that could interfere with your plant life and growing process. No need not to splurge on the plants in your space, we will ensure that will thrive in all areas of your home or business. Check out all our testimonials for extra comfort!

How many cleaning services in Tulsa are offering an organizational package that cleans up your plant area allowing you to get back to your life and not stress? Maid to Please is happy to report that are! When you call today, our representatives will give a free quote to any questions regarding organization of plant materials, plants, and any plant supplies that are needed to support your active plant lifestyle. No need to worry about where to store dirt, nutrients, or pots. That’s exactly why you should schedule an appointment with us today! Don’t let those materials pile up in your mudroom any longer.

Our professional cleaning service offers plant upkeep and organization that you can’t find with any competitors. Our maids are always on time, compassionate, and work diligently to provide a stress-free environment for your home. Call us today at 918-701-0213 to receive your free quote and discuss more of an organizational project for your greenery! Feel free to check more addons located on our website at You can reach us Monday through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m. Don’t stress about your green friends any longer, go ahead and give us a call today! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Cleaning Services in Tulsa | High Foot Traffic? No Problem

What cleaning services in Tulsa can guarantee a weekly, weekly, or monthly schedule to come and service your office space? Maid to Please can guarantee 100% satisfaction! We provide many services for your office or company space. One of the main issues for businesses is the high traffic on the floor. Let us provide services to deep clean those floors from high traffic, but no wear and tear on your flooring. We can vacuum, sweep, and mop any and all flooring placed in your business. Having your floor professionally cleaned provides a dramatic difference in comparison to in house cleaning.

What also dirties an office space and needs cleaning services in Tulsa are those dust bunnies! Plenty of foot traffic also means plenty of dirt and dust gravitating to all the crevices of your office space. Our company will provide deep cleaning and dusting from the ceiling all the way to the floor. And if your company happens to be a rental service, then dust could possibly be your biggest enemy in the space. Making sure to pay attention to all the fixtures and appliances will take a clean office space and turn it into a professional and inviting area clients would love to meet in.

Being the top professional cleaning services in Tulsa, we have to talk about office bathrooms. Nobody likes to do the job and we are more than happy to get it done for you. What bigger way to turn a client away from your business than a disgusting company bathroom? With our schedule times that can be set up with representatives, we can schedule appointments that will be up to the standards of your business’s needs. All quotes that you receive from our representatives for your business are free. And if your bathroom is in dire need for our services, our first deep clean we are offering 50% off.

What separates us from most cleaning services in Tulsa is our insurance we have for our service. We assume the liability and you can hire us with peace of mind knowing your business is safe in our hands – or brooms. We also provide all the supplies and materials needed for cleaning your space. Our cleaning products are 100% eco-friendly and are made in-house to ensure no foreign particles will be used in the cleaning of your office. With our insurance and our chemical free supplies, we guarantee that you will receive no other service than what we can offer. And that’s a 100% guarantee!

Here at Maid to Please, we ensure all of our maids will be on time, every time! We know your business runs on a schedule and we are here to take the stress out of any extras that come along with your company’s upkeep. Giving us a call at 918-701-0213 will connect you to a representative to give you that free quote and discuss that 50% off first deep clean with you today. Please also see our other add ons we provide for businesses at our website We look forward to providing your company with excellent top of the line service!